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The Automotive group at Burns & Levinson is dedicated to the representation of motor vehicle dealers. Our attorneys provide pragmatic solutions and insight for dealers in the increasingly complex world of the automotive industry and have represented motor vehicle dealers in a wide range of areas for over 20 years. A great strength of the Automotive group is that the attorneys are involved in the automotive industry on a daily basis, and as a result have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in assisting motor vehicle dealers in all aspects of their business.

These attorneys assisted the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association in the drafting of the amendments to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93B, Regulation of Business Practices Between Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers, and have assisted other state groups in amending their respective laws regulating the relationships between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers and distributors. The Automotive group has been involved in a wide range of issues, including the representation of dealers in trade regulatory matters, the handling of matters concerning dealer floor plan facilities, as well as representing dealers in the arbitrations that arose from the bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors. Our attorneys were successful in getting terminated dealerships reinstated through the arbitration process.

The Automotive group attorneys have also assisted dealers in matters involving dealer terminations and dealer appointments. They have represented dealers who have protested the appointment of an additional dealer into their relevant market area, as well as dealers who are trying to defend their new appointment. In addition, the Automotive group has represented dealers in labor and employment issues, sexual harassment and other discrimination claims, as well as wage and hour complaints.

Our attorneys also assist dealers with day to day matters such as consumer protection claims, Attorney General investigations, breach of contract actions and other commercial disputes, as well as keeping dealers up to date on obligations that are imposed by new state and federal laws and regulations.

The attorneys in the Automotive group have strong backgrounds in assisting dealers with the sale or acquisition of motor vehicle dealerships, dealership assets and accompanying real estate. They have been involved in hundreds of sales and acquisitions over the past 20 years and utilize the Firm’s interdisciplinary areas of practice such as corporate, trust and estates, tax, real estate and environmental, to provide better strategy, strength and depth; thereby adding value and support to our clients in this complex industry.

The Automotive group attorneys have long-standing relationships with all of their automotive dealer clients and represent dealerships of all sizes, from large, publicly traded dealership groups to smaller dealership groups consisting of one or two stores.

The Automotive group attorneys are actively involved members in the National Association of Dealer Counsel (“NADC”) and are associate members of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association.

In 2014, the Automotive Group was named “Automotive Law Firm of the Year in Massachusetts” by Corporate INTL Magazine.

The Automotive Group at Burns & Levinson

Name Title Phone Email
Paul Marshall Harris, Chairman Partner 617.345.3854
Sara Decatur Judge Partner 617.345.3211
Lauren R. MacLellan Associate 617.345.3269
Laura Lee Mittelman Associate 617.345.3260
Lawrence P. Murray Partner 617.345.3510