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Our Practices

Burns & Levinson Canada Co.


Burns & Levinson Canada Co., a subsidiary of Burns & Levinson LLP, was formed in 2001 to assist start-up and emerging company clients based in Canada, and venture capital companies and investors with an interest in Canada.

Burns & Levinson Canada Co. provides cross-border business consulting services and investment introductions to Canadian companies looking to do business in the U.S. and U.S. companies looking to do business in Canada.

Burns & Levinson Canada maintains two offices with one located in Montreal, Quebec and one in Boston, MA USA.

Our Services

Burns & Levinson Canada works closely with the law firm Burns & Levinson LLP in providing U.S. legal assistance to Canadian companies. Burns & Levinson specializes in business law, securities, finance, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, tax, real estate, intellectual property, science and technology, environmental law, employment, business litigation and private client services. The law firm represents entrepreneurs and inventors, emerging businesses, privately and publicly held companies, as well as individuals regionally, nationally and internationally. Burns & Levinson’s main office is based in Boston with additional offices in Providence, RI and New York, NY.

Our network of regional, national and international venture capital funds and financial institutions provides companies with access to potential funding sources and investors. Through our affiliation with Burns & Levinson LLP, we provide services related to the due diligence process, financing documentation, negotiations and closings.

We also provide introductions to investors on an ongoing basis as well as through our US/Canada Venture Capital Pipeline ("Pipeline") events.

Since the first Pipeline event in June 2002, Burns & Levinson Canada Co. and Burns & Levinson LLP have hosted a series of events that focus on linking venture capital firms based in the U.S. with Canadian health and technology companies seeking financing. By planning and facilitating one-on-one meetings, these one-day events promote building strategic relationships and forging lasting alliances. The Pipeline event is hosted once a year at the firm's Boston, MA office and includes additional networking opportunities during the breakfast presentation and cocktail reception in the evening.

Burns & Levinson Canada works with other parties in organizing trade missions to encourage cross-border expansion. Burns & Levinson Canada, with assistance of specialized consultants from our expansive network, helps companies strategize and refine their presentations to U.S. investors.

Burns & Levinson Canada also assists clients in determining the best methods and strategies for growth into new markets. We help Canadian companies with issues related to entering the U.S. market and U.S. companies with issues regarding conducting business in Canada. Burns & Levinson Canada, through the law firm Burns & Levinson, can identify issues and solutions unique to cross-border transactions.

Burns & Levinson Canada helps companies navigate the regulatory maze and ensure all governmental policies and procedures—federal, state, provincial and local—are followed. As appropriate, we work with the attorneys of Burns & Levinson LLP, Canadian law firms, accountants and other experts to address these issues.

Our working relationships with U.S. and Canadian government officials and their staffs provide clients with information and access to key decision-makers.

Contact Us

Leonard M. Gold, Managing Director
Burns & Levinson Canada Co.
1250 Rene Levesque Blvd. West
Suite 2200
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W8

Phone: 514-989-3151
Fax: 514-989-3152
E-mail: Leonard M. Gold