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Divorce & Family

Appearances may be identical but personal circumstances are not – even in similar legal situations.

We understand that divorce both ends a legal and personal relationship and begins a complex and distinct relationship. The client’s immediate future requires practical legal guidance and knowledgeable negotiation concerning substantive rights, obligations and entitlements. Resolving these very personal needs and issues, whether by agreement or litigation, requires the experienced balancing and careful consideration of spousal and child support obligations and property division, including business interests, pension and profit-sharing entitlements, trusts and investments.

We know how to settle cases and negotiate for our clients from a position of strength and skill: strength that supports aggressively taking issues to trial; skill to negotiate, settle and forge the right decisions.

Burns & Levinson attorneys stay focused on the particulars of each client, fully conscious that although they are counsel to many, their clients do not have identical goals, circumstances, or objectives. They stay close, keeping clients involved in the process as they proceed toward accomplishing the clients’ goals.

Individuals retain Burns & Levinson attorneys to draft and negotiate prenuptial agreements, both because our partners are nationally acknowledged as leading practitioners, lecturers and authors in this area and because of their command of the peculiarities of Massachusetts and Rhode Island law. Prenuptial and similar agreements concerning personal assets and property, paternity, divorce, child custody, guardianship and adoption are all legal situations complicated by distinctly individual attributes and personal histories – and often fraught with intense emotion. Our experience and understanding of these emotional aspects allows us to arrive at the solution that is the best for the person involved.

Burns & Levinson is the only Boston-based law firm with a comprehensive private client group which includes a marital and family law practice and boasts a highly esteemed full-service business practice. Where circumstances warrant, our respected probate, estate and family law attorneys have at their disposal colleagues with extensive experience in tax law and all aspects of corporate business, as well as other resources in asset management and real estate.

In all these ways and more, Burns & Levinson attorneys provide effective personal legal counsel and caring individual support during the most tumultuous and stressful periods of life.

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The Divorce & Family Group at Burns & Levinson

Name Title Phone Email
Robin M. Lynch Nardone, Chair Partner 617.345.3265
Ronald P. Barriere Partner 617.345.3654
Tiffany M. Bentley Associate 617.345.3212
Brian D. Bixby Partner 617.345.3360
Jordan P. Bowne Associate 617.345.3301
Ann Hetherwick Cahill Associate 617.345.3358
Elizabeth G. Crowley Partner 617.345.3203
Lisa M. Cukier Partner 617.345.3471
Andrea T. Dunbar Associate 617.345.3527
Francine Gardikas Partner 617.345.3261
Michael P. Judge Partner 617.345.3516
Andrea E. Nelson Associate 617.345.3218
Robert J. O'Regan Partner 617.345.3650
Lorraine P. Stark Associate 617-345-3202
Laura R. Studen Partner 617.345.3325
Carolyn "CiCi" Van Tine Partner 617.345.3231
Nancy R. Van Tine Partner 617.345.3229