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Intellectual Property

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Never before has the management of intellectual property and science & technology been more important than it is today. In our knowledge-driven economy, a business' most valuable assets are often its intellectual property rights. In today's business environment, the ability to procure, protect and extract the value of these assets can mean the difference between failure and success.

Burns & Levinson has a state of the art practice committed to securing, protecting and enforcing our clients' intellectual property rights. Attorneys in our Intellectual Property Group have years of experience in all aspects of intellectual property (IP) law. Our experienced team of professionals represents leading companies in an array of industries.

Burns & Levinson's IP practice is fully integrated with our other practice areas, which allows us to provide our clients with a wealth of related services. Whether it be the creation of a subsidiary to handle the licensing of an IP asset, or the formation of a business entity to put a recently acquired patent to use, the depth and experience across various disciplines helps to ensure comprehensive and cost-effective representation.

When auditing IP assets, enforcing clients' rights through IP litigation, or realizing value through licensing agreements, Burns & Levinson's Intellectual Property Group works closely with clients to help fulfill their business objectives by providing skilled legal representation.

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The Intellectual Property Group at Burns & Levinson

Name Title Phone Email
Bruce D. Jobse, Co-Chair Partner 617.345.3207
Deborah J. Peckham, Co-Chair Partner 617.345.3577
Sara Yevics Beccia Partner 617.345.3648
Laura L. Carroll Partner 617.345.3339
Stephen Y. Chow Partner 617.345.3263
Jerry Cohen Partner 617.345.3276
Shawn P. Foley Of Counsel 617.345.3205
Michael C. Gilleran Partner 617.345.3270
Gabriel R. W. Goldman Associate 617.345.3304
David W. Gomes Of Counsel 617.345.3267
John A. Hamilton Of Counsel 617.345.3345
Shahid Hasan Associate 617.345.3691
Renee Inomata Partner 617.345.3340
Eric G. J. Kaviar Associate 617.345.3217
Orlando Lopez Partner 617.345.3243
Mark W. Manning Partner 617.345.3468
Joseph M. Maraia Partner 617.345.3241
Steven M. Mills Partner 617.345.3251
Ronda P. Moore Partner 617.345.3221
Brooke A. Penrose Associate 617.345.3287
Joseph P. Quinn Partner 617.345.3253
Robert C. Rives Partner 617.345.3344
Marlo M. Schepper Patent Agent 617.345.3224
Mark Schonfeld Partner 617.345.3329
John C. Serio Partner 617.345.3314
Normand F. Smith Partner 617.345.3234
Paul D. Sorkin Of Counsel 617.345.3318
Janine M. Susan Partner 617.345.3275
Howard J. Susser Partner 617.345.3738
Merton E. Thompson Partner 617.345.3697
George N. Tobia, Jr. Partner 617.345.3659