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Our Practices


Members of the Intellectual Property Group advise and assist clients in commercially exploiting their intellectual property rights. For many companies and institutions, the licensing or transfer of technology is their core business; for others, it is a key component. In all situations, we use our breadth of knowledge, practical negotiating skills, and creative structures to help our clients maximize the value of their intellectual assets.

We work closely with companies, universities, institutions, and laboratories in first developing licensing and transfer strategies, and then the implementation of those strategies, to assist each client in getting the best possible result. Some of the areas in which we assist our clients are:

• Patent, trademark and copyright licensing, including cross-licensing and sub-licensing.

• Confidentiality and secrecy agreements

• Research, development, and joint venture agreements

• Technology transfer agreements, including mergers and acquisitions

• Invention assignment and other agreements with employees/ contractors

Our licensing and transfer lawyers coordinate with other members of the Intellectual Property Group, using a team approach to address all of our clients’ structural, protection, enforcement, litigation, use and exit issues they will face over the life of their intellectual property. In addition, our interdisciplinary approach allows us to counsel our clients concerning the tax, antitrust, securities, and other issues that may arise. In the licensing and technology transfer arena, members of the Intellectual Property Group employ a “value added” approach and look for ways to partner our clients with our other financial, strategic and business relationships for their benefit.

The Licensing practice is part of the Intellectual Property Group. For members of the Licensing practice, please see the Intellectual Property Group page.