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Our Practices

Science & Technology

Our Science & Technology (SciTech) practice overlaps with the Intellectual Property and Corporate Groups and extends beyond the practices of those groups to the science and technology-informed representation of scientists in their relations with academic and research institutions and of technology-leading enterprises in their relations with investors, customers, strategic partners and regulators.

Academic and Research Institution Relations

We have represented scientists in disputes over authorship, inventorship and ownership with their peers and with academic and research institutions, including charges of "scientific misconduct." More often, we have represented scientists with commercially promising ideas in structuring enterprises and research sponsorships and grants that affect those enterprises.

Due Diligence and Strategic Partnering for Enterprise Financing

We have worked with clients in a wide range of technologies to conduct “freedom to operate” investigations or “due diligence” investigations to assure investors and other business partners. Where an enterprise partners with another operating enterprise in either a vertical or horizontal relationship (or sometimes both), our SciTech Group applies its knowledge of technology, intellectual property, the research and development process and competition law to allocate the risks and fruits of partnering.

Public Contracts and Funding

Public contracts and funding often are of critical importance to technology-leading enterprises, particularly in the life sciences. We assist our clients in preparing bids and proposals for procurement contracts with, as well as SBIR and similar grants from, the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services (including the National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration) and have made introductions to government laboratory technology transfer sources.

Regulation of Science and Technology

The attorneys in our SciTech practice monitor international, federal, state and local regulations that affect the science and technology of our clients. We have advised on matters of genetic and health information privacy. We can advise and act for clients on all stages of medical device and drug development and marketing (domestically and internationally). We can assist in development of premarket and postmarket regulatory filings, clinical trial structures, quality assurance programs (Quality Systems Regulations, GMPs, cGMPs, GLPs) and grants for product development.

The Science & Technology Group at Burns & Levinson

Name Title Phone Email
Laura L. Carroll Partner 617.345.3339
Jerry Cohen Partner 617.345.3276
Marlo M. Schepper Patent Agent 617.345.3224
Mark Schonfeld Partner 617.345.3329
Normand F. Smith Partner 617.345.3234
Janine M. Susan Partner 617.345.3275
Howard J. Susser Partner 617.345.3738
Merton E. Thompson Partner 617.345.3697