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Start-ups & Emerging Growth Companies

Venture capital deals are the foundation of our corporate practice and reflect our long-standing focus on entrepreneurial companies in the technology, life sciences, medical devices, software, sports, telecom, energy/cleantech and healthcare industries, to name a few. Through our extensive network of relationships within the venture capital community, we can help emerging companies gain access to the capital required to nurture their businesses. Our connection with a variety of venture capitalists and angel investors enable us to advise companies on what to expect in the financing process and how to circumvent common financing obstacles. As the business develops and grows, we strategically employ resources from the specialty practices at our firm, including finance, securities, tax, intellectual property, labor, employment & employee benefits and real estate. As a result of this cross-practice collaboration, we are well-positioned to anticipate problems for fast growing companies, offer no-nonsense advice on a cost-efficient basis and help navigate emerging growth companies through all phases of their life cycles.

Through our established record of representation of start-up and emerging growth companies, we have developed a solid understanding of the industries in which our clients participate and the specific legal needs of early stage enterprises. We counsel hundreds of emerging growth companies in all stages of their life cycles, from incorporation, business plan preparation, seed and venture capital financing, intellectual property protection, employment matters, strategic relationships, business combinations, mergers, acquisitions and initial public offerings. As a result of our reputation with this type of work, our clients are able to benefit from our extensive network of financing sources.

Our wide-ranging experience with venture-backed companies enables us to efficiently traverse the complexities of venture capital financings, as well as provide advice and insight to venture-backed clients as they build their businesses. We understand the cash constraints facing new ventures, and our practical, problem-solving approach allows us to develop legal solutions that meet the unique needs of start-up companies cost-effectively. All of our lawyers are closely familiar with the special requirements of start-ups and devote their skills and resources to advising emerging companies and providing the legal support they need to go from start-up to venture capital financing to IPO to wherever their endeavor leads them next.

For select, qualified startup and emerging companies, we offer the Burns & Levinson Innovation Program. Click here to learn more about the program and how to apply.

Services we can provide for our Start-Up & Emerging Growth clients:

  • Acquisition/disposition
  • Angel financing
  • Brokering inter-founder relationships
  • Business plan review
  • Collaboration and development agreements
  • Copyright registration
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Dispute resolution/litigation
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Employment arrangements and advice
  • Equipment leasing
  • Equity financing
  • Equity incentive plans
  • Executive employment agreements and incentive arrangements
  • Formation/choice of legal form
  • Founder exits from existing employers
  • Founder wealth protection/estate planning
  • Growth capital
  • Intellectual property including patent protection
  • Initial public offering
  • Leveraged buyout
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Management buyout
  • Management compensation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Mezzanine capital
  • Mezzanine financings
  • Minority investments
  • Partnering and joint venturing agreements
  • Patent protection and strategy
  • Patent registration
  • Pension and employee benefits issues
  • Public company planning/best practices
  • Public equity and debt offerings
  • Real estate acquisition/leasing
  • Recapitalizations
  • Receivables factoring
  • Rollups
  • SEC compliance
  • Securities offerings
  • Seed capital financings
  • Seller financing
  • Senior financing
  • Stock option and other equity incentive plans
  • Strategic M&A
  • Subordinated and structured financings
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Venture capital financings

The Start-ups & Emerging Growth Companies Group at Burns & Levinson

Name Title Phone Email
Gil Breiman, Co-Chair Partner 617.345.3627
Stephen D. Brook, Co-Chair Partner 617.345.3722
Daniel T. Hughes Associate 617.345.3346
Andrew J. Merken Partner 617.345.3740
Ronda P. Moore Partner 617.345.3221
Josef B. Volman Partner 617.345.3895