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Up and Down and Up Again

A 2012 message from David P. Rosenblatt, Managing Partner

David Rosenblatt

Google the phrase "up and down and up again" and you get an interesting variety of references, ranging from a discussion about the stock market in France to bicycle trips, from roller coasters to a baby pulling himself up in his crib (and then falling once again). Whether it is national or international politics, economics or clothing styles, change seems to be the only constant. Each time we think we have mastered what is going to come next there seem to be surprises facing us, and once again we need to adapt.

We have found that the best way to anticipate and respond to these changes is by having positive relationships, open communications, a strong sense of the past and the flexibility to help create the future. The attorneys and staff of Burns & Levinson have worked very hard to develop and maintain the relationships that we have with our clients, business partners and co-workers. This gives us the solid base on which to build our own future, enabling us to assist our clients in whatever challenges and opportunities come their way.

By communicating regularly with our clients we strive to understand their concerns and goals and how we can help them address the former while achieving the latter. We know that everyone is concerned about increasing expenses and we do our best to be efficient and cost effective. We also know that the best way to keep clients happy is to get great results for them. The lawyers of Burns & Levinson were very successful this year in the courtrooms and negotiating rooms on behalf of our clients. Whether we are using traditional negotiating methods or innovative approaches, whether we are helping to re-write the law or serving as mediators, helping to stabilize a family's future with creative tax advice and estate planning or assisting with the expansion of a business, we strive to understand the full picture of what the client needs and bring additional value beyond the simple written document. We are trusted advisors to individuals and businesses as well as lawyers, and we are pleased that clients think of us as part of their teams.

This past year brought us several new partners and associates, adding a wealth of experience in the private client arena, in the corporate and business field, in real estate and in litigation. We have opened a small office in Andover, Massachusetts to better serve our Merrimack Valley and North Shore clients, and will soon be renewing our commitment to Hingham, to continue to serve our South Shore clients in a location close to their communities. We also continue to use our Rockefeller Center office to support our clients in New York City. Through constantly improving technology (including a new, more efficient phone system) we are able to effectively serve our clients, whether they are down the street or half-way around the globe.

We understand that from day-to-day and month-to-month things will look up, then seem down, but then look up again. Sometimes all in the same day! This seems to be the new "norm." Hopefully there will be more "up" days ahead for all of us. A relationship requires efforts on both sides to thrive; no matter what we will be there for our clients and we appreciate your commitment to us. We look forward to working with you in 2012 and beyond, and wish you a new year filled with "ups."