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A 2016 message from David P. Rosenblatt, Managing Partner

David Rosenblatt

It would be hard for any of us to disagree that we live in an ever-changing world. Here in the U.S., the political climate is accelerating and opposing viewpoints are swirling as a result of the current election season. Abroad, nations are experiencing economic hardships, border tensions and the sometimes daily threat of warfare. Simultaneously, the world of law is also changing rapidly. This includes how we best provide services to clients and how technology impacts the speed with which we communicate.

When unstable situations arise, Burns & Levinson provides its clients with steadfast support and strength. We work to understand not only the intricacies of the law but also the unique challenges that affect the companies and individuals we represent. It is our responsibility to know more, in order to satisfy our clients both personally and professionally. The relationship and trust we develop with each client positions us to directly impact the work they do, and we take that very seriously. The world is changing but the reason our clients come to us is not — they seek stability, resolution of their concerns and problems, and a partner to depend on.

In 2015, we were excited to welcome new attorneys to the firm who share our philosophy of putting clients first. The depth and new experience we added, in all areas and practices, further augments our ability to understand legal issues from both sides. Whether we find ourselves in a courtroom or a boardroom, representing a technology start-up, a business owner or an individual in a family crisis, we have been there before and we understand what trajectory will lead our client to a quick, cost-effective resolution. This has been and always will be a trademark of our firm and one of which I am extremely proud.

The loyalty expressed by our long-standing clients is a direct result of the stability and commitment we offer. We dedicate our time to helping our clients find better and more comfortable solutions, in spite of and in consideration of the changing world we all live in. I'm a firm believer that change and instability can coexist with positive results. The work our firm does every day is a testament to this premise.

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not share a few thoughts about our firm co-founder Thomas D. Burns, who passed away on Feb. 27. Tom, whose career spanned more than 60 years, was a true legend in the legal community. As we adjust to the loss of our friend and colleague, we will miss his depth of understanding about the practice of law and his vision for the future of the firm. This being said, and as I've noted earlier, change propels us forward and in this case it encourages us to continue the great work that honors Tom's legacy.

My best regards,