Cannabusiness Advisory

Market Update: Seeds and Clones for Retail Sale in Massachusetts

May 9, 2023


As of May 2, 2023, consumers and medical patients in Massachusetts can purchase cannabis seeds and clones at retail. Clones are clippings from a marijuana plant that can be rooted and grown. As of the effective date, dispensary, delivery operator, and medical treatment center licensees are permitted to purchase seeds and clones at wholesale and sell directly to consumers without the need to update their existing license or apply for any additional licensure.

With the CCC citing safety as its paramount concern, these products must comply with the CCC’s testing and contaminant-related regulations and be logged in the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system. Consumers can purchase up to six (6) clones a day and an unlimited number of seeds. Of course, existing law only allows adult consumers ages 21 or older to grow up to six cannabis plants in a home or up to 12 plants in households with more than one person over age 21.

Only a week into this new market, many Massachusetts retailers have sold out of their seeds and clones and are managing a waitlist. This is partly due to supply catching up to the new demand; however, it is also partly due to the excitement of consumers. Many consumers and cannabis advocates laud this measure by the CCC as a step forward in achieving the freedom of legalized cannabis. A number of other states have already taken this step in permitting the sale and purchase of cannabis clones and seeds. Purchasing clones allows casual hobbyists to pursue the growth of their own cannabis without overseeing the difficult process of nurturing a seed into a nascent plant and allows for specific and reliable strain selection by consumers. Even though the hobbyist will need to purchase the rather costly equipment to ensure a safe and productive grow, but retail sale of seeds and clones increases the accessibility of being a home cultivator.

As we enter the sunny season in Massachusetts, I think the number of home growers will skyrocket and, permit the culture of cannabis enthusiasm and respect in Massachusetts to flourish.

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