The Business of Family: Protecting the Matriarch and Patriarch

Thursday, December 3, 2020 12:00pm


Families with significant wealth and complex asset structures require sophisticated planning to prevent dissipation of value due to typical life events. These include marriage, birth, disability, death, divorce, or obstacles that may lead loved ones into substance abuse, mental health crisis, and competitive intra-family behaviors. The family matriarch and patriarch often set the expectations – and create the values – that the family and succeeding generations are to live by. Their personal history, traditions, and successful perseverance through challenges punctuate the family’s story, setting standards and giving life to unique family culture. How do these value-driven paradigms define the family’s vision, mission, purpose, goals, and values? How does the family vision inform wealth management choices, legal strategic planning for estates, protection of the family’s legal infrastructure, and affect day to day decision-making? How does the family protect the matriarch, patriarch, and balance the family’s needs as a whole, and how can the family shield itself from wealth dissipation caused by common events and issues that have great potential to cause risk?

In the new webinar series hosted by attorney Lisa Cukier, family office professionals will learn about fiduciary protection of family assets through various sophisticated legal techniques aimed to immunize families, bolster against vulnerabilities, and safeguard the family and its wealth. This episode focuses on protecting the heads of families and the values they have established. Kelly Maregni, Chief Advisory Officer of Pathstone, joins as
a guest speaker.

Click here to watch the full episode.

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