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The Automotive Group at Burns & Levinson is dedicated to the representation of motor vehicle dealers throughout New England and beyond. Our attorneys have represented motor vehicle dealers in a wide range of areas for over 30 years.  A great strength of the Automotive Group is that the attorneys are immersed in the automotive industry on a daily basis, and as a result have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in assisting motor vehicle dealers in all aspects of their business.

Our team is experienced in representing both large, publicly traded dealership groups as well as smaller groups consisting of one or two stores.  We help dealers navigate of a wide range of industry issues, including:

  • Dealership buy/sell agreements
  • Factory rights of first refusal
  • Mandatory facilities upgrade and image programs
  • Dealer appointments
  • Dealer add point protests
  • Dealer relocations
  • Dealer terminations
  • Dealer advertising compliance
  • Dealer floor plan facilities
  • Truth in lending compliance
  • Real estate disputes, including leases and rights of first refusal
  • Consumer disputes
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Sexual harassment and other discrimination claims
  • Wage and hour complaints
  • Attorney General investigations

Our team understands the importance of advocating for our dealer clients while preserving the ongoing relationship with manufacturer.  No dealer wants to fight with their manufacturer, but when it is necessary, our attorneys are ready for the battle.  When it comes to dealer terminations and add point disputes, our team understands the sales performance metrics relied upon by the factory.  One of the biggest hurdles that dealers face is getting their manufacturer to understand the realities of the local market, which can differ significantly from the manufacturer’s expectations.  We advocate for dealers when they are receiving unfair pressure from the factory. 

Our automotive team is involved in the National Association of Dealer Counsel (“NADC”) and are associate members of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association (“MSADA”).  The attorneys also participate in National Automobile Dealers Association (“NADA”) education programs.

representative engagements

  • Assisted the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association in the drafting of the amendments to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93B, Regulation of Business Practices Between Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers.
  • Assisted other state groups in amending their respective laws regulating the relationships between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Successful in getting terminated dealerships reinstated through the arbitration process.




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