The American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators (AACFL) has awarded the following 10 Burns & Levinson attorneys the 2015 Certified Financial Litigator (CFL) designation:

Partners: Elizabeth Crowley, Francine Gardikas, Robin Lynch Nardone, Laura R. Studen, Carolyn Van Tine and Nancy Van Tine.

Associates: Ronald Barriere, Andrea Dunbar, Tiffany Bentley and Michael Judge.

The AACFL is a national educational institution dedicated to enhancing the legal community by providing lawyers with advanced training in the financial aspects of litigation. Benefits to the member attorneys and the community include increased litigation skills and credibility with the courts, potential reduction in the number of cases creating backlogs in the court system, and the ability for the general public to better distinguish the lawyers who possess the skills needed to handle their financial cases.

The AACFL's Massachusetts chapter, of which Burns & Levinson is a founding member, has more than 100 members who represent many of the most prestigious firms in the state. Burns & Levinson has the most certified members of any firm in the New England area.

CFLs represent a highly-motivated collection of elite professionals dedicated to resolving conflict through a common training, leading to a more uniform understanding of financial issues. The CFL designation is awarded to select practitioners who are dedicated to improving their knowledge of financial matters related to litigation and adhere to high standards of ethical practice, and who have passed the CFL exam.