Accidents, illness and aging are inevitable circumstances that create crossroads of life and law. Our clients take comfort in knowing they can depend on the knowledge, experience, compassion, sensitivity and 24 hour per day availability of the Burns & Levinson Family Advisory Services team. These professionals provide emergency and ongoing substantive counsel and guidance that mitigates the myriad challenges facing individuals and families as they confront the disruptive life changes of infirmity, incapacity and disability.

The team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of Burns & Levinson attorneys and distinguished professionals from our subsidiary organization - Burns & Levinson Asset Management. This knowledgeable team provides comprehensive services to individuals such as elders, who suddenly need to move into an assisted living facility or round-the-clock at-home care, and individuals whose daily living activities require intervention and short- and long-term assistance due to a debilitating medical condition or catastrophic injury.

Individuals and their families face difficult, perhaps even crucial, decisions when confronted with disruptive life transitions. We help clients manage these tumultuous disruptions by ably and rapidly initiating strategic planning, obtaining guardianship and court approved estate planning, arranging for the disposition or management of real estate and other assets, appointment of fiduciaries, handling asset investment and even bill-paying on a timely basis.

In addition, the Burns & Levinson Family Advisory Services team provides considerable peace of mind to our clients through our informed working relationships – established over many years – with medical and geriatric care managers and social workers who can help coordinate home care, medical care, and activities of daily living.

When considering the legal and medical alternatives at these crossroads, Burns & Levinson family advisory services professionals apply practical experience to relieving your personal concerns about the care and quality of life of your loved ones.