Burns & Levinson secures, protects and enforces intellectual property rights for clients in a wide array of industries. Since intellectual property rights are many businesses’ most valuable assets, protecting them can mean the difference between success and failure. Our experienced IP attorneys work closely with clients to procure, protect and extract the value of these assets to meet their business objectives.

We have the know-how to do it all – from obtaining patents and managing patent portfolios to auditing IP assets and enforcing clients' rights through IP litigation to realizing value through licensing agreements and protecting our client’s trade secrets.

Our licensing attorneys work closely with companies, universities, institutions, and laboratories to develop and implement patent, trademark and copyright licensing, including cross-licensing and sub-licensing; research, development, and joint venture agreements; technology transfer agreements, including mergers and acquisitions; and invention assignment and other agreements with employees/contractors.

In the area of e-commerce, we help clients establish and protect their electronic commerce enterprises around the world. We advise clients on a variety of issues such as domain name registration, transfers and dispute resolution; security with transactions and signatures; shrink-wrap agreements; legal disclaimers, on-line advertisement; and meta-tagging. We have litigated numerous cases concerning web-based infringement with highly successful results, and are skilled in managing worldwide programs to abate counterfeiting and infringement to protect the value and integrity of our clients’ valuable brand names and marks.

Our IP team also collaborates with our other practice areas to provide a wealth of related services to clients. Whether a client needs the creation of a subsidiary to handle the licensing of an IP asset or the formation of a business entity to put a recently acquired patent to use, we have the depth and experience across various disciplines to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

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