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12 of the Most Common Divorce-Related Questions

September 21, 2016

You have questions. We have answers to at least 12 of them.

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If you’re considering a divorce, prepare to face some of the most difficult questions of your life. The divorce process doesn’t have to be a minefield of uncertainty, though. Some of the most common mistakes are also the most avoidable, as long as you have the right direction.

Join my colleague, attorney Michael (Mick) Judge for an inside look at the divorce process. He’ll touch on pre-divorce considerations (including pre-nuptial agreements, divorce mediation and marriage counseling), the divorce process, and post-divorce matters (including modifications and contempt actions). A financial advisor will join him to address many of the pressing financial implications of your divorce.

What: The ABC’s of Divorce: Now is the time to begin your education…

When: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Where: Burns and Levinson LLP, 125 Summer Street, Boston, MA

Cost: Registration is complimentary through this link.

Starting right at the beginning, Mick will walk you through some of the key issues involved in a standard divorce case.

  1. How is a divorce case started?
  2. What types of divorces are there?
  3. How are child custody cases handled?
  4. What is the role of a guardian ad litem?
  5. How is child support calculated?
  6. What constitutes marital property and how is it divided?
  7. How are debts divided?
  8. Am I entitled to, or will I have to pay, spousal support?
  9. Who pays for health and life insurance?
  10. How do we file our taxes?
  11. Can I make my spouse pay for my lawyer?
  12. When and how does a divorce become final?

We’ll be doing a follow-up blog series to answer these questions, but don’t miss the chance to discuss these topics in person!


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