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There’s an App For That

April 19, 2023


When parents divorce, finding a way to communicate about the children amidst grief, anger, or resentment can be a challenge. Several mobile applications are available to help facilitate smoother communications, including some that have monitors to avoid the use of any vulgar or offensive language. As a bonus, an app will keep a clear record of when communications take place, thus avoiding disputes over whether or not particular notice was given. If you could use a helping-hand keeping track of the parenting schedule, exchanging receipts for expenses, or sharing parenting information, check out some of these popular apps:

Our Family Wizard:

This app allows users to track the parenting schedule, share appointment details, and request changes to parenting time. The expense log keeps track of shared expenses, calculates amounts due, and keeps a payment history. Electronic payments can be sent through the app. The app also allows users to store medical histories, insurance information, emergency contacts, school schedules, files, photos, and other documents. Our Family Wizard has a “ToneMeter” to keep communications civil by providing feedback to help users avoid confrontational language. There is a monthly fee to use Our Family Wizard.


This app contains calendar features and a chat feature that keeps a record of all communications that co-parents cannot alter or delete. It even has audio and video communications, which automatically documents every attempted, missed, and completed call. Requests can be submitted for reimbursements, and the app will notify the user when a request is approved, paid, or declined. As with Our Family Wizard, AppClose also allows for reimbursements to be made directly through the app. Receipts and documents can also be stored in AppClose.  AppClose does not charge a monthly subscription fee.

Talking Parents:

This app contains call recording features, with transcriptions of the calls. The app also includes calendaring, tracking, and securing payment of shared expenses, and a chat feature. Users are able to create customizable cards with vital information like daycare phone numbers, allergy details, or emergency contacts. Talking Parents has a free version as well as monthly subscriptions, offering additional features.


This app promotes its live, on-demand mediation as its best feature. In addition, the app allows users to search non-editable, time and date-stamped secure messages, which can be printed for later use. The app also has the option to use AI to help parties create and edit a parenting plan. CoParenter also offers parenting coaching to individuals. After a 30-day free trial, CoParenter has different plans with monthly fees.

For parents who get along well and simply want one place to keep the schedule, a shared Google calendar or the Cozi app can help. Both allow multiple users to access, edit and create calendar entries, establishing a central place to find the children’s medical appointments, sports schedules, school functions, and the parenting schedule.

These are just a few options available to parents who need a little help communicating and keeping track of appointments, expenses, and texts. Exploring available apps can help you find one suited to make co-parenting after divorce less stressful.

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