Pritzker Group Venture Capital



When Pritzker Group Venture Capital makes investments in early stage companies, Burns is by its side. We serve as lead counsel to Pritzker, a well-known fund located in Chicago, handling the day-to-day, investment-to-investment responsibilities.

With initial investments generally in the $3 million to $8 million range, Pritzker typically invests $15 million to $20 million over the life of its investments, and has the ability to deploy up to $50 million. Burns is on call to do it all. We act as lead counsel when Pritzker is the lead investor, and serve as co-counsel for Pritzker’s seed investments (up to $1 million). We help Pritzker source potential deals and vet potential investment opportunities through our various networks, as well as serve as outside counsel to some of their portfolio companies.

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