Press Release

Partner Paul Mastrocola Launches Mediation Practice

September 11, 2017


Burns & Levinson announced today that partner Paul Mastrocola, co-chair of the firm’s Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution group, has completed the MCLE program to become a certified civil mediator.

As a former criminal prosecutor and seasoned business litigator, Mastrocola regularly helps clients resolve their business litigation disputes through mediation and alternative dispute resolution. With this certification, Mastrocola will be able to use his long-time experience and finely honed mediation skills as the neutral mediator in cases where he does not represent either party.

“While I love to litigate in court, I get more satisfaction when I can resolve a dispute quickly and successfully without the client spending a ton of money,” said Mastrocola. “I’m a problem solver who wants to get my clients back to business as soon as possible. I’m excited to put my more than 20 years of experience as a litigator to work to help parties in a dispute arrive at mutually agreeable settlement terms.”

Mediation has become more and more popular in recent years due to the rising costs of litigation, the length of time it takes for conflicts to be resolved in the courts, and stress and uncertainty associated with protracted litigation. The courts also frequently encourage parties to mediate disputes to help clear backlogged dockets.

“The vast majority of mediations take place in a single day, so it is very cost-effective. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a complex negotiation,” said Mastrocola. “Good mediators have to be able to understand both clients’ and legal counsels’ perspectives, which requires a tremendous amount of sophistication and finesse. It’s a different skill set than being a litigator, but having that litigation and client service background is invaluable.”

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