Innovation Program



The Burns & Levinson Innovation Program provides the services of experienced attorneys with a vibrant network of contacts and resources to a select group of pre-qualified up-and-coming early stage and emerging companies to help launch and position businesses for growth. This program offers cutting-edge entrepreneurs and emerging businesses an opportunity to partner with a firm that shares a passion for innovation and collaboration. We believe that we are investing our time into these companies to help keep innovation alive in local communities, key industries, technologies, products and services. It’s an investment in the future.

Each accepted company will be matched with a Burns & Levinson partner as its primary contact, supported by a dedicated team of attorneys from our Corporate, Intellectual Property, Employment and Real Estate practices. For those who qualify, a flexible fee arrangement will be determined based on the status of the business and the scope of work required.

We understand the complex stages of startup and emerging businesses, are sensitive to fee structures and look to create mutually agreeable terms that will allow you to focus on growing your company. Examples of our flexible fee arrangements include: deferred payment until an event (such as financing), flat fee for a specific scope of work, retainer or discounted hourly rates.

Burns & Levinson Innovation Program participants receive a variety of tailored legal services based on their specific needs, including:

  • Financing and equity structures and advice on positioning the business for successful financing
  • Exit strategy
  • Entity formation
  • Choice of entity and related general tax considerations
  • Consulting around partnership formations, sales agreements, joint ventures, etc.
  • Review and analysis of intellectual property matters and related strategies
  • Advice on IP positioning (for example, developing strategies for worldwide patent protection of core technology in preparation for a meeting with potential funding sources)
  • Initial employment-related strategies, offer letters and nondisclosure agreements
  • Leasing of office space

Access to Resources

Accepted companies will have access to our vibrant network of contacts, including sources of financing (angels, venture capital, private equity and investment banks), accountants, potential boards of directors and other strategic partners.

In addition, Innovation Program participants have access to the firm’s state-of-the-art conference rooms for board, financing, recruitment, customer and other strategic meetings.

How to Apply

Please see the accompanying application form or request a form from a member of the Innovation Committee. Each applicant must submit a completed application form to the Innovation Committee.

Click here to download the application form.




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