Burns & Levinson’s patent practice has the technical and legal skills necessary to advise clients on the creation, maintenance and enforcement of patent rights. Licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), our team procures patent protection for our clients’ innovative ideas and has successfully represented clients in numerous proceedings before the USPTO. Through detailed analysis and investigation, we are able to provide advice on patentability, infringement and work around options.

We focus our attention and concern on the unique needs of our clients, allowing us to advise and assist them with their overall business objectives as well as their patent procurement. Whether counseling clients on strategic planning and patent portfolio management, negotiating technology transfers or licenses, or defending and protecting patented assets through litigation, our team has the necessary legal backgrounds and experience to help our clients effectively compete in today’s global marketplace.


Patent Prosecution

Burns & Levinson’s patent prosecution team comprises a seasoned group of patent attorneys and agents offering patent prosecution services in the U.S. and throughout the world. We have extensive experience in the procurement of patents in a broad range of technologies.

Our patent professionals have significant patent application drafting and prosecution experience in all areas of technology, including mechanical and electro-mechanical devices,  electromagnetics, electrical equipment, electronics, computers, computer architecture, computer software, computer language compilers, distributed databases, artificial intelligence, computer networking, analogue and digital signal processing, wireless applications, telecommunications, microwave and radar systems, scientific instrumentation, medical devices and therapies, prosthetics, medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biological materials, chemicals chemical processes, food processing, semiconductor fabrication and materials, plastics and other proprietary materials and optics.

All patent applications are prepared by an attorney/agent having experience in the specific technological area of the invention.

As both emerging and established companies plan for the future, we assist them in developing patent protection strategies, drafting and filing appropriate patent applications, and efficiently prosecuting patents to issuance. We strive to conduct our prosecution services in an efficient manner, and recognize that open communication between our attorneys and our clients is critical to effect the protection of complex rights through thoughtful and convincing legal and technical arguments to the patent office examiners. We have experience in performing analysis relating to “inventing around” competitors’ patent portfolios. We also represent a number of venture capital firms and perform due diligence and portfolio analysis relating to investment in target companies.

Patent Litigation

Burns & Levinson has a skilled group of patent litigators with substantial experience in representing patent owners as well as companies accused of infringement.  We understand that patents have quickly become the most valuable asset a company has to protect its hard-earned technologies against unwarranted competition. We work hard to effectively and efficiently represent clients in the enforcement and defense of patent suits so your business can maximize the value of its patent portfolio and maintain its competitive advantage.

We provide our clients with prudent and effective representation in pre-suit investigations and negotiations, trials and appeals, and through alternative dispute resolutions. While we vigorously enforce and protect our clients’ intellectual property rights in litigation, we also work closely with our clients to achieve their business objectives outside of the courtroom.




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