Yifan Wu, Ph.D.

Technical Specialist


Dr. Yifan Wu is a technical specialist in the Intellectual Property group at the firm's Boston office. Her work involves drafting patent applications and patent prosecution in chemistry and life sciences – including organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, small molecule and polymer materials.

Proactive and results-oriented, Yifan has a deep understanding of various new technologies in the market and employs her scientific background to deliver tangible and efficient results. She enjoys helping clients explore and incorporate bench science into impactful patented products that can be utilized around the globe.

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Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S., Chemistry with a minor in Economics, UC San Diego

honors & awards

ACS Outstanding Senior Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Student

UC San Diego Physical Sciences Dean’s Undergraduate Award for Excellence


Sheng Guo, Yifan Wu, Shao-Xiong Lennon Luo, and Timothy M. Swager, ‘Versatile Nanoporous Organic Polymer Catalyst for the Size-Selective Suzuki–Miyaura Coupling Reaction’, ACS Applied Nano Materials 2022 5 (12), 18603-18611

Charles L. Perrin and Yifan Wu, ‘Symmetry of Hydrogen Bonds in Two Enols in Solution’, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019 141 (9), 4103-4107