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The team of professionals at Burns & Levinson Employment Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive strategies for dealing with the increasingly complicated relationship between employers and employees. Often beginning with a detailed employment practice audit, we thoroughly analyze the needs of each organization and, working in concert with human resources and management, design and implement customized programs to meet the key needs of your organization.

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, we offer a broad range of services that can be used as part of a coordinated plan or on an individual basis. Regardless of the approach, our programs and services are designed to increase manager and employee awareness and decrease the organization’s risk of exposure to employment practices claims. We handle each engagement from a strategic perspective that assures an appropriate fit with the company’s objectives. As a strategic partner, our services are properly viewed as an investment that will pay dividends in the form of increased awareness of potential pitfalls and decreased costs resulting from employee turnover and litigation.

Our Team

Burns’ Employment Solutions attorneys work as a part of your team and are committed to being responsive and providing cost-effective, individualized, and innovative solutions to meet your needs. Our professionals have extensive experience in managing all aspects of the employment relationship.


Employment Practice Audits

Our audits of employment policies and procedures assure compliance with all regulations and “best practices,” by identifying issues that present exposure for the employer and provide an opportunity to deal with them in a controlled, proactive fashion. We review all aspects of your employment policies and highlight recommended changes, beginning with your hiring practices and manual, and continuing through your post-termination process.

Employee Benefit Plan Strategies

Our benefits specialists will give you strategies for designing executive compensation packages, incentive compensation methods and severance programs. Our employee benefit audits assure that retirement plans, executive compensation, and other employee benefit programs operate in compliance with the law. Our audits prepare clients to pass government audits, avoid employee claims, and reduce exposure to tax, lawsuits and penalties.

Training Programs

We develop and conduct training sessions for managers, supervisors and staff, designed to increase awareness of the legal issues that most often cause problems in the workplace, such as the hiring process, complaints of discrimination or harassment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the termination process. Using a cross-disciplinary approach, we also develop and conduct training programs designed to make your employees more effective and efficient.

Union Avoidance

We train managers and line supervisors in the law and technique of maintaining a union-free workplace.


Our attorneys are experienced in conducting confidential internal investigations regarding such issues as discrimination complaints, drug or alcohol abuse, and employee infidelity. Comprehensive reports and recommendations on techniques to solve the current problem and avoid future problems are provided at the conclusion of the investigation.

Human Resources Outsourcing

We provide full or part-time human resources staffing, operating under the watchful eye of experienced employment attorneys.

RIF/EEO Planning

Burns’ Employment Solutions also offers you strategies for necessary business transitions such as layoffs, outsourcing, plant closings, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions.




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